Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fates of the Pastoral in WWI, Case #3453

"A most unusual charge, against the Regimental goat-major (a corporal), was first framed as lese majesty, but later reduced to 'disrespect to an officer: in that he, at Wrexham - on such and such a date - did prostitute the Royal Goat, being the gift of His Majesty, the Colonel-in-Chief, from His Royal Herd at Windsor, by offering its stud services for a fee to ---, Esq., farmer and goat breeder, of Wrexham.' Though the goat-major pleaded that he had done this out of consideration for the goat, to which he was much attached, the Colonel reduced him to the ranks and took away his job." -- Robert Graves, Goodbye to All That, p. 80