Friday, August 17, 2007

Geography is the shit.

Geography is the shit. That's all I have for now, after reading Lefebvre and this book all day. Look at this book, this shouldn't be interesting at all, right? But goddamn, it's great. I found my lost field...kind of. It basically is all of philosophy, but with a space fetish. So take Hegel and get rid of all that stupid slave stuff, and forget about time cause that doesn't matter. ALL SPACE, ALL THE TIME. Take Marx, get rid of that class stuff and you have...surprisingly enough, GEOGRAPHY!?! Kill Lacan and all the psychoanalysts cause they're wrong. It's not about language, words are late to the game and don't matter, according to geographers. They're so strange because they know so much and so skip around and talk about everything...but just a little bit. Exhausting. More on this later as I know more, maybe.

I also read Jane Jacobs who I love because she's so passionate about really caring about cities without sounding intellectual (she never got her degree in anything, just took classes in everything and gave up cause mastery is futile). She's kind of the anti-geographer who ends up somehow siding with everything the cool Marxists geographers are saying ( kind-of , without being so fucking esoteric about it. Geographers are dry and attached and universal and Jacobs is a heart-breakingly involved and local). So Jacobs is wonderful and exciting while also sounding like your annoying liberal white old woman neighbor down the street who thinks she has the answers to why everything's bad and if she was just in charge everything would be fixed; she's the lady who thinks she knows what's good for all oppressed people without even talking to them (instead she just visits their neighborhoods and sees how happy everyone looks and basis her theories on this) But she means well, bless her soul. And is willing to block a bulldozer with her body if need be to save her city (first New York, then Toronto)